2023 on July 15 in California (USA) and on July 21 in New York
The Mystery of the Bee Society" documentary presentations took place.
Author of the film, Professor G. After Harutyunyan's brief presentation, many people
the audience watched the film with great interest and the authors actively participated
to an organized discussion.
What were the main conclusions?
- a film meeting high international standards was presented to the audience,
- it represents great artistic and cognitive value,
- the topic is more than urgent and deserves a lot of attention,
- the animations are exceptionally successful and complete the message,
- on the persuasive basis of the documentary, the situation has become a subject for discussion
in the world, involving the best specialists from more than 20 countries,
- recommendations for saving the gene pool of bees and the bee population are great
deserve attention, even by the United Nations,
- the film should be made available to the general public of all countries of the world,
- it is necessary to submit the film to international festivals.
Many viewers specifically emphasized that the film is unique in its scientific depth,
with a logical structure, high taste and quality of presentation of the material, operational and
with professional directorial solutions, elegant musical design, and convincing
with accents.
The participants of the discussions were particularly concerned about the fact that
according to current predictions, bees as a species may disappear by 2035.
That is when according to the UN data.
- 87 (76%) of the 115 main food crops in the world
the yield is determined by their pollination by bees,
- to bees, we owe vegetables, nuts,
berries (including coffee), for 75% of agricultural crops in general,
- due to the pollination deficit, the entire ecological chain is disrupted.
whether there is pollination, there will be no tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, pears, apples, peaches, plums and
full of seven dozen other essential nutrients,
- there will be no flowers and grass, there will be no animals, there will be no meat, cheese, milk, butter,
vegetable oil and many other staple foods are also not
cotton and other raw materials of plant origin,

- humanity will be deprived of more than
500 billion dollars from food products,
- the absence of bees will lead to intensive desertification of the earth, its
with all the devastating consequences,
- a person can live without air for 3 minutes, without water for 3 days, and without bees for 4 years.
All this while the world's starving population
annually increases by about 60 million. In 2023, it reached about 795 million.
If this continues for 10 years, the world will starve in 2033
about 80% of the population.
The slogan of the film is completely justified.


The creative team thanks all the participants of the presentations
for the high praise and encouraging words.

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