2023 On December 16, the presentation of the film "Mystery of the Bee Society" took place
in France. France gathered in the village of La Gaude, near the city of Nice
Beekeepers of the South at their annual conference.

At their request, a meeting was organized "The Mystery of the Bee Society"; of the movie
author, Professor G. with Harutyunyan. After the meeting lecture, the presentation of the film took place.
The interest was overwhelming. Unique for the professional audience of beekeepers
It was an opportunity to learn about the challenges facing bees across the globe
and new approaches to coping.

Alarms are also high in France. More than 36 are produced annually in the country
thousand tons of honey, but it has a downward trend. Here's to 2023 for French beekeepers
is considered a disastrous year. Record summer temperatures, spring floods,
Drought and the widespread use of chemicals have become a beekeeping scourge
for economies. If the mid-90s in this country bee annual the decline is about 5 percent, currently it exceeds 30 percent.
The participants of the presentation were especially interested in the creation of "Bee parks". The idea of defining a special legal regime for the operation of such parks organization details.

The presentation of "La God" proved once again that in all countries of the world
beekeepers need much more support.
A combination of hives is needed to save the bees.
Procrastination can be devastating.

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