First Bee Apipark in Armenia

May 30th was a special day for Armenian beekeeping because it marked the establishment of the first-ever bee park.
This initiative is one-of-a-kind, even on a global scale.

The Pambak Apipark in the Pambak community of the Lori region, Armenia, came to be thanks to the hard work of a creative team that created "The Mystery of Honey Bee Society" film. The Apipark is built upon five organic bee farms. Professor G. Harutyunyan played a significant role by writing a model law project that helped in setting up the park.

The park is situated 7.5 km away from the nearest town, far from factories, industrial sites, and radio waves. This ensures a safe environment where diseases cannot spread, and no chemicals are used on the premises. The presence of a river, hills, and forests creates a special microclimate that counteracts the negative effects of global warming. In this park, any human interference in the natural lives of bees is strictly avoided.

In the park, it is against the law to cut trees, engage in hunting or fishing, collect medicinal herbs on a large scale, or undertake any activities that may disrupt the ecosystem. To ensure the smooth operation of the park, a Management Board was established. They have defined the main objectives, which include organizing ecotourism and developing the infrastructure of the bee park.

The "Pambak" Apipark in the Lori region of Armenia has a crucial role to play in preventing the extinction of honey bees, preserving their gene pool, and providing a foundation for the high-quality development of organic beekeeping and apitherapy.

Without a doubt, the "Pambak" Apipark will garner significant international attention and evolve into a prominent scientific and experimental center.

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